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A large fanged entity who regularly draws out less evolved creatures from their dark caves and devours them.
Old confused confederate creatures spotted crawling across the dirt on their bellies. Better get some beandogs over here to eradicate them.
by Joe Bucker October 16, 2010
A Person of Hispanic descent that pretends to be black.

Dude, you're a bean dog.
by dontcallmesteve March 18, 2009
a fat chihuahua.
dude, thats the fattest bean dog Ive ever seen!
by geekzekiel July 08, 2009
any form of sexual activity.
yo bitch gimmie a bean dogg

damnn i fucking bean dogged the hell outta that slut last night

hey gimmie a bean dog

bean dog me baby
by fahkkkk February 14, 2009
Getting your dick sucked / getting head /
Oral Sex / Felatio.
Yo Hunny hook a brother up with s Bean dog !
by R-jay October 28, 2008
a blowjob; when one receives fellatio, it may be referred to as a beandog
Yo lemme get a beandog real quick!
by ronstoppable March 20, 2007
When somebody bare-ass farts in anothers face after consuming a hotdog with beans on it.
Hey how did that beandog taste in your mouth?
by beandogger6969 June 04, 2009

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