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1.A man or women who takes part in the sexual act of sucking a mans scrotum
2. Someone who sucks at life
Man #1:"Hey I've got a sack of sticky -icky!
Man #2:"I dont smoke the devils herb!"
Man # 1: Dude, you always were a beanbagger."
by MdaveM July 11, 2008
Liberal protesters, often anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-capitalism, etc. They often get the police involved due to destructive behavior, and the police sometimes use a gun that shoots beanbags, as a crowd control weapon.

The term is a fitting rebuttal to liberals who call conservative protesters "teabaggers" for attending anti-big government "tea parties".
"Did you see those beanbaggers at the G20 Summit? What a bunch of animals".

"Conservatives are peaceful "teabaggers" but liberal beanbaggers behave like animals.
by Killroy2010 October 15, 2009
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