An expression used when getting drunk off of Jim Beam, referring to Star Trek. When one says "Beam me up" They usually intend to get drunk to the point that they may as well actually be "beamed up," because they intend to be completely incoherent, and trying to carry out a real conversation with them would be almost impossible.
Scotty: Dude I just got a couple bottles of Jim Beam!
Ted: Shit dude! Beam me up!
by hare bear September 08, 2010
Top Definition
A Statement Basically Saying "Hit me up", "Call Me", "Message" and/or "Text Me" When your not busy

Mostly Used in Florida
Yo Papi when your not busy Just Beam Me up
by Elfresh September 06, 2009
A conversation piece that always puts a fine point to the conclusion of the dialogue. It also shows the serious nature of the statement.
That's not an airplane, it's a deceptacon! Beam me up. or "Steve is such an asshole, I hope he goes to the Madison tonight. Beam me up.
by Valentino the great January 10, 2004
Popularized by flamboyant Ohio senator James Traficant, used as an exclamatory ending to a controversial statement; to express frustration
I have been fighting the political machine since the day I arrived in Congress, and will do so 'til the day I die...Beam me up.
by Frank January 09, 2004
A way to say that you have made a final statement, rather than saying such as "fuck you" or "skippity bop pow", or "it's over, it's a scratch" Right Steve?
"I am not going to mow the lawn. Beam me up!"
by JP January 09, 2004
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