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A drinking game in which multiple teams of 5 people (though girls count as 1/2 a person) compete to finish a handle (1.75L) of Jim Beam bourbon. This equates to each person drinking about 12 ounces of liquor or 8 shots, so exercise caution. This is a great way to start a party because everyone who participated will be totally smashed, and the spectators will be in awe and want to play drinking games as well.

1. Get it in your body any way possible. You can mix it with coke or drink it straight.
2. You may only puke 30 minutes after you finish to be considered a true victor
3. Record holders can call themselves the "Dream Beam Team"
Me and my bros finished the Beam Team in 4 minutes and 54 seconds. Those older guys were pissed we smashed the old house record.
by IdontPuke July 25, 2011
a tag team duo of shimbazzlers that attend the University of Kentucky and tend to smash bottles of Jim Beam to the face with out reason, pay, or explanation with furious and tenatious speed and superior tactics.
Person: Yo mouse, we should challenge those shimbazzlers to a drink off.

Person 2: Are you serious man? Thats the Beam-Team!
by Swedish Grundig June 28, 2009

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