A fugly slut that thinks she's pretty but is ugly af. She spens all of her money in food, clothes and netflix.

Do NOT trust her.
Fuck you bea!
by Hey there im N May 19, 2016
A name for a guy in a group of guys who is the biggest bitch.
Nick Sorrentino is such a fucking beas.
by bigbrothergonnakickurass January 24, 2010
1)A person who is particularly large
2)someone who is extremely good at something such as basketball
(black vernacular)
Kobe is a beas
by yaheardsound1 March 31, 2011
A person who doesn't know the form of a Haiku
you: what's a Haiku?
me: a 3 lined poem with alternating syllables of 5-7-5, ya fucking beas.
by chiu September 27, 2006
Beast Eaters Anonymous
"Man, you could be in the B.E.A."
by Justin Drust October 12, 2002
It's my freakin' name Short for Beatrice
it's a bea's life
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
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