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"BDK" (Black Disciple Killers) also known as "GD" (Gangster Disciples) is a gang in Chicago. Rappers such as Lil Jay, P. Rico and Lil JoJo who was shot and killed at the age of just 18 by the Black Disciples, are affiliated with the gang. The gang is also known as BrickSquad, FBG (Fly Boy Gang), and Tooka Gang after fallen member Shondale "Tooka" Gregory

The Black Disciples, also known as GDK for "Gangster Disciple Killers", are a rival gang to the Gangster Disciples, thats why they call them selves the Black Disciples "KILLERS"!

You probably think you dont know anything about the Black Disciples, but they are a lot more popular then you think.
If you listen to rappers such as Chief Keef, FredoSantana, Lil Reese, SD, and Tadoe then you should have some idea of what the Black Disciples are. Chief Keef and his crew are a part of the #300 set of the Black Disciples. Rappers such as RondoNumberNine, Edai and L'A Capone who has also been shot and killed at a very young age for dissing a fallen member of rival gang BrickSquad, Shondale Gregory, are part of the #600 set of the Black Disciples. These two sets have very few beef with each other, if any, and rappers from both sets collaborate with each other to make songs.
"These niggas claim #300, bitch we BDK" - Lil JoJo
"Niggas talkin bout' 6'Double 0, wassup wit dem?" - Lil Jay
by HipHopHistoryWiz January 14, 2014
Know as being the number one paladin of darrowmere on the video game World of Warcraft.

Bdk is always giving tips, and trolling the World of Warcraft forums (as many people have seen him there.)
I saw bdk theorycrafting on the forums, I am going to copy his spec.
by Kdoggg July 06, 2009
A covert way of saying :bitches don't know shit" in the company of bitches.
Guy 1: Ashley needed help changing her flat tire
Guy 2: Yeah what do you expect? BDKS
Ashley: What?
Guy 1: Oh yeah, BDKS
by mromano5 November 06, 2010
A gang by the name of Ballz Deep Krew.
Don't you mess with the BDK, they'll get their boys after you.
by BDK enthusiast. June 25, 2010
Short for "Bitches don't know"
guy 1- Yo when's poker night?
guy 2- Next week son.
guy 1-BDK!
guy 2-no they do not.
by MuzzyFromDanviz March 22, 2010
Big DicK Kids
Brandon: Hey we should call ourselves the BDK's
Victor: Well whats it stand for?
Brandon: Big Dick Kids!!
Aaron: Oh right...
by The Wonderkid September 28, 2010
An unpleasent bus driver that looks slightly like a bug. Allergic to smiling and dancing. No laughing on his bus.
Is BDK our driver today? If so, get all laughing out of your system now.
by Niiiicole September 05, 2007

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