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Refers to certain residents of the borough of Brooklyn, NY that are convinced that the entire world revolves around Brooklyn. They are resentful that the majority of the world thinks specifically of Manhattan when the acronym 'NYC' is mentioned. They are Nazi-like in their narrow-minded insistence that Brooklyn is superior to Manhattan (and the other NYC boroughs) in every conceivable way.
Jen is such a Bazi! She declined to come to my party in Manhattan, claiming she didn't want to have her Bohemian Brooklyn Holiness corrupted by the Yuppie scum that would be in attendance.
by AlejandroNYC July 02, 2008
9 3
Bazi is a Chinese astrological system to tell an individual's
Fortune. It is an energy shot for smart people.
It is liquid vitality. It is the most concentrated superfruit
Energy shot out there.
Bazi up! Bazi down. Bazitiv. Bazi for sure.
by YouknowWhoAndwhere January 15, 2011
4 1
A word used to describe someone who is Ultra Sexy, even better if You are named it, it is generally used to turn people on.
Damn, Look at that Bazi, the world is going to melt. So hot, no actually so BAZI .
by BaziMashabane August 11, 2012
2 4