An incredible, amazing, caring , beautiful and funny girl. She knows how to make your day and is a girl who can melt your heart. She is an all around amazing girl and should go back out with any guy with the name of Jake.
Guy-"See that really hot chick over there?? What's her name?
Guy 2- "It must be Baylee."
by Baddy boy November 07, 2011
a girl who has beautiful blond hair. blue eyes. tall but not too tall. a cheerleader, a dancer, and a girl who loves to get along with everyone. she is bubbly and has been in love with the same boy since seventh grade. everyone loves her
baylee i love you, will you marry me?
by Shane masochistic March 12, 2011
Brunette girl. Shes short and has big jugs. Shes an embarrassment to nature but is hilarious. Very funny. Everybody likes her.
Yay i love baylee!
by Bitchesloveme May 27, 2012
A beautiful girl with and even better personality, she has a fantastic taste in music and always looks amazing in whatever she wears. One part of her charm is that she doesn't realize how perfect she is which can also be frustrating. Once she makes up her mind nothing can change it, she is incredibly determined.
Well that's just Baylee for you.
by man, warrior March 03, 2013
Commonly a brunette haired girl, who loves to go shopping for clothes and shoes and play basketball. She also is very smart, a good friend, trustworthy, fun, funny, and always a loveable and enjoyable person to be around. She has many friends and she can easily make them. She likes to hang with the guys. She has a great smile and a big booty that easily attracts the guys. She is hardworking, has a good input, and when you are around her you always find yourself smiling and laughing. She is a very confident girl.
Everybody needs a Baylee in their life.
by youtubewatcher June 05, 2015
Baylee is a name used for men and women.

Baylee usually has blonde hair and blue eyes and he's really hot and funny. He gets all the ladies and thinks he's smart when he's not. He never gets around but when he needs to bust a nut he will
Boy: wow did you see that baylee guy getting the hottest girl in the school
2nd guy: wow he's so lucky
Wish I was him
by ChuckNorrisManIsSoDope March 09, 2015
Usually chubby, likes to copy people, scared to talk to boys and is fake on social media. Also can be very stuck up over retarted reasons.Likes to try on really tight stuff. Thinks she looks good in things skinny girls would wear. Thinks she is naturally blonde but she isn't. Likes to say "you don't know what's going on in my life" when her phone really just died at school.
Don't be a Baylee. Don't be a thot.
by smideys February 19, 2015
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