a girl who has beautiful blond hair. blue eyes. tall but not too tall. a cheerleader, a dancer, and a girl who loves to get along with everyone. she is bubbly and has been in love with the same boy since seventh grade. everyone loves her
baylee i love you, will you marry me?
by Shane masochistic March 12, 2011
An incredible, amazing, caring , beautiful and funny girl. She knows how to make your day and is a girl who can melt your heart. She is an all around amazing girl and should go back out with any guy with the name of Jake.
Guy-"See that really hot chick over there?? What's her name?
Guy 2- "It must be Baylee."
by Baddy boy November 07, 2011
Brunette girl. Shes short and has big jugs. Shes an embarrassment to nature but is hilarious. Very funny. Everybody likes her.
Yay i love baylee!
by Bitchesloveme May 27, 2012
A beautiful girl with and even better personality, she has a fantastic taste in music and always looks amazing in whatever she wears. One part of her charm is that she doesn't realize how perfect she is which can also be frustrating. Once she makes up her mind nothing can change it, she is incredibly determined.
Well that's just Baylee for you.
by man, warrior March 03, 2013
A very trashy hoe, who's vagina gets used more than Google. She's very ugly, and probably has a terrible case of herpes. She thinks she is popular, but really, no one likes her. Lolol.
That Baylee girl gave me a highfive in gym today. I think I got a pound of slut on my hand.
by Cookie-Snooki April 29, 2012
Baylee, is a friend that is brown haired and REALLY short. You think she's your best friend till she dates your ex boyfriend that your not over yet. Thats when you find out what kinda friend she is.
Person 1 "Look at that girl, with that guy."
Person 2 "I know, thats my ex."
Person 1 "Wow.. Whatta Baylee."
by Someone387 September 17, 2011
A meaning for sexy babycakes (small boobs)
Natasha: Baylee has such great babycakes.
Kyle: Homosexulicious babycakes!
by bayleesbabycakes December 27, 2009

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