A nickname, sometimes a replacement for a last name. Cool, awesome, whoever is associated with this name is a tank. When you say this, yell it loud. Associated with the free credit report.com theme song.
Person 1: Are your parents chaperoning the dance?

Person 2: Yeah, what about Mr. and Mrs. Baybee??
by beachick94 March 07, 2008
1)often put in front of a female cru membaz tag name insted of laydee4 expamle. usually if 2 gyalz have da same tag name, 1 of them becumz laydee__?__ and the otha becumz baybee__?__
2) sum1 youngah then u
3) ur baybee boy/ baybee gyal
1) "dis iz baybee chillz, reppin Norf Wheezy fo lyf"
2) "ur my baybee gal"
by Baybee D-Cent August 11, 2006
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