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an incredibly short girl with INCREDIBLY large boobs with snack-bits and now a nose piercing. She gets songs written about her from loser guys and hangs out almost entirely with people younger than her. Baxleys are usually incredibly childish and have no work ethic. or fingers.
that girl is so fucking baxley dude, i totally wrote her a song and bought her some ice cream and a cookie and she works at toys r us.
by baxley's a hoe hoe September 01, 2008
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The best person you could ever meet. Contrary to belief she's average size with average boobs. Extremely intelligent and said to be uniquely beautiful. She's great but she's kind of a blunt bitch. In other words don't make her mad. However she can be your most loyal friend. Other qualities include; extremely sarcastic, funny, and athletic. And she's got a pretty cool fucking name.
Damn I wish I was a Baxley
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by Pretty cool February 01, 2017
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