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African-American corruption of "Boss". Can be a noun or adjective.

The Man; literally the illest shit your whacked out mind can comprehend.
Bawse ~ Chuck Norris > Boss > Beast > Hero > Chief > El Capitan > You
Ronnie Coleman is bawse because he is huge and takes steroids, giving him gigantic muscles and an incongruously high-pitched voice.
by Unlucky! November 17, 2010
Similar to the word 'Awesome' in meaning, this modified variation is used amongst the coolest people on earth.
Dave is bawse.

Arrested Development is a bawse TV show.

by Spyduh March 12, 2007
Bawse is a word used by real g's. BAWSE da most awwwsoome word on eatrh.
Look at that BAwse the Hawse with his spawse eatin sawse. Hes too g! BAWSE!!!
by BAWSEE May 27, 2010
A word to describe an awesome gangster, or something that has been done that shows 'gangsterness'
Simon Shaw is a Bawse.
by Phisim89 September 29, 2011

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