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From the Scottish slang word "bawbag", meaning (literally) scrotum (ball-bag) and (figuratively) idiot.

Bawbaggery is the result of all of life's obstacles, bureaucracy and annoyances.

These are usually the result of (and for the benefit of) officious, awkward bawbags.

Speed cameras, offside decisions and middle-managers are good examples of bawbaggery but the word can be used to define the bigger issues that cause life to be less than it could be.

Working for a living is bawbaggery of the highest order.
by Steve Jesus May 18, 2007
When someone is being sneaky, or just a total arsehole!

Scottish slang for ball bag.
Jack was round a Linda's last night to give her a good pogering, yeah Bob was night shift,

Man that is just Bawbaggery of the highest order!!!
by phatphrog April 21, 2009

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