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A Baugasm/boregasm is a peak state of boredom that is experienced whilst simultaneously experiencing orgasmic climaxes. A baugasmic state can also be achieved by ones sexual partner not been up too scratch during intercourse; therefore these symptoms may occur; yawning, twitching of the eye, falling asleep and in extreme cases can even be fatal due to stopping of the heart.

A rare symptom of a Baugasm is a 'classic al' (please see 'classic al')
Example 1

Keith: Hey where's Laura?

Sharon: I think she's still in her room..?

Keith: Must still be experiencing that Baugasm I gave her last night.

Sharon: ma nigger

Example 2

Laura: Is it in yet?

Mickey: yeah been in for 5 minutes love

*1 minute passes*
Laura: zzzzzzzzzz
by Oneonethree October 27, 2013
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