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A monotheistic religion that worships the great Jack Bauer, because he truly is God. Followers of Bauerism are known as Bauerims.
Christian dude: Jack Bauer kicks some serious ass man!
Bauerim dude: OH hell yeah man, I worship him!
Christian dude: Oh for real?
Bauerim dude: Yeah man, I follow is the best religion EVER!
by KOOmarr January 23, 2007
A statement wherein a jestful comment is made towards another in the name of humour, generally using the jumbled words of another individual. Not intended to be insulting; however can be used with a mocking tone. This statement has been derived from the Bauer clan of the modern American era.
If said instance occurs:

If someone says hello to you, a common Bauerism is:

"I'll hello you hello boy!"

A common response to this form of statement; also being a Baurism:

"I'm fixin' ahh"
by The Dawnflyer December 15, 2003
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