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A term referring to a desktop computer setup. Includes the tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard, mouse pad (if applicable), Audio playback and recording devices (if applicable), and even wires/cables.
Dude, that is a sweet Battlestation you have there, I'm really digging the 24" monitor!
by Proged June 02, 2010
Battle Stations is an application on Facebook. Their boards are unmoderated, and the posters often leave their own forum because of the crappy gameplay value, and harass other applications for being "better" than them.
Sam: A bunch of trolls attacked Pet Society today, started calling me names and threw my Rainbow Poo at me. Then they made an account with my name and face and got me banned. :(

Chris: I bet I know the group, they're from Battle Stations.
by Min Power September 16, 2009
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