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Another installment in the Battlefield series, made by the same people who made Battlefield: 1942, the 2002 Game Of The Year. Although is very innovative in its chopper tactics, weapons and team based strategy, Vietnam isn't quite as good as its predecessor. However, it is still worth a buy, especially if you play online.
Zero12: Take that you Vietcong bastards!
(Zero12 is suddenly impaled by several pungi sticks)
by Brakman December 11, 2004

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the newest game in the awsome battlefield series.takes place in vietnam(duh)and lets you fly choppers, shoot m16s, and drive in big boats.(in otherwords, serious fun)
timmy555:whoa dude!i just blew that chopper up witha mortar!awsome!
by the rekad playa June 28, 2004