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Half the time it takes for a radioactive substance to decay.

Extreamly popular game, developed by the company VALVe. Yeah, that's how you spell it. With those capitals and that lower-case e.

The game is extreamly popular, boasting an impressive AI and great graphics (for its time). The mod community made that even better, with one of its best mods, Counter-Strike, being able to go commercial and make a profit. This, in turn, started getting people to think of the OTHER great mods in the mod community, namely Sven Coop, Day of Defeat, and The Specialist are all mods that come to mind.
Damn, this game is huge! I've been playing this since 1998, and it's still fun! Thanks mod community, and thanks VALVe!
by Brakman October 07, 2004
Another installment in the Battlefield series, made by the same people who made Battlefield: 1942, the 2002 Game Of The Year. Although is very innovative in its chopper tactics, weapons and team based strategy, Vietnam isn't quite as good as its predecessor. However, it is still worth a buy, especially if you play online.
Zero12: Take that you Vietcong bastards!
(Zero12 is suddenly impaled by several pungi sticks)
by Brakman December 11, 2004
Bafmodads are an entity of unknown shape or form to most people. They are from another dimension, and were brought here by an extreme temporal flux in the universe when a number was made that was so large that nobody had a name for it. It was left like that, nameless, for decades. The Bafmodads came because of the call of the nameless number, and they were enraged on the humans who refused to name it. They set out on a mission to enslave the humans and destroy all pets with their petbombs. The Humans and Bafmodads battled hard, but the Bafmodads were pushing the humans back to the brink of extinction. Than, from out of nowhere, one man came up and stood in front of onslaught of the Bafmodads, and he named the number a name so large that it would take several years to pronounce. During this time, the Bafmodads were so internally confused that they all had various heart attacks and liver failures. And so, the man became President of Penarck, and Earth was saved from an untimely destruction by the Bafmodads.
The Bafmodads have been destroyed, thanks to the President of Penarck.
by Brakman December 11, 2004
One of the last known places in the world to have the famed Penarck Bird. The Penarck bird is famous for its ability to totally fuck over anyone who touches it, by slamming its skull repeatedly into their cranium. Massive internal bleeding ensures, the victim suffers brain damage, and the Penarck, satisfied, goes off into the sunset to frolick around in the land of the Mystical Chinese Checkers board.
Joey got attacked by a Penarck the other day! The docters said he will have a dim future, full of searing pain.
by Brakman December 11, 2004
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