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The act of having a bat (masturbating), then having a nap. It is a play on the term 'catnap.'
Batman: After a long day of crime fighting, I enjoy a good batnap.
by Batnapper December 29, 2010
a long nap one takes in the middle of the afternoon, almost like a vampire sleeping during the daytime
mortal: "why didn't you answer my call. i called you at, like 3 o'clock."

bat napper: "i was taking a bat nap."
by mattievh July 15, 2008
To take a short nap during the daytime hours (best in the afternoon) in order to maintain a healthy routine or to prepare from any additional events that would otherwise drain much-needed energy.
Does not necessarilly mean hanging upside-down while sleeping.
"I'm going to go see Joesph D'Angeli later, so I need a bat-nap before we go."
by The Horn'd One November 30, 2009
The process of beating/batting ones self off, in form of male masturbation to orgasm. Performed in order to commence a nap which may last from early afternoon to late evening.
"Can't wait to get home from work and have a Batnap!"

John: "Where the fuck is Harry?"

Dick: "It's 4:45, he's probably got a belly button full of his own cum, passed out on his couch with some B Grade porno blaring in the background"

John: "True, that dirty bastard loves having a Batnap."
by Be Ess March 16, 2013
Taking a nap while hanging upside down naked and pooping on your own face.
While hanging from the jungle-jim I took a bat nap.
Instead of doing pull-ups I took a bat nap from the bar.
I feel utterly refreshed after a nice long bat nap.
I didn't have time to take a shower after my bat nap so I just went straight to the office.
After taking a bat nap at my friends house I blamed it on the dog.
Bat Naps are all the rage in Canada.
Celine Dion takes a bat nap before performing every night.

by The Reality December 25, 2007

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