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To suddenly disappear/appear while you're around some people with you. Or walk off unnoticed by anyone around you.
Johnson: I was sitting with Mary the other night in the station, I looked a second later at her seat and she wasn't there.

Mark: Dude, you just got batman'd!


Angelina: Whoa, man, how did you just appear out of nowhere.

Gay: Hey, I just batman'd you.
by yamammaisinthere April 21, 2011
You get deepthroated so hard your voice turns deep, like Batman's.
Chris got Batman'd last night and woke up saying (in a really deep voice) "Where's the Joker?!"
by CaptainGiggles September 02, 2012
Batman'd is the term to describe the state of a person who is slightly tipsy. It is derived from the 1966 TV show "Batman", where the villains' hideouts and lairs were always shown on a tilted angle, giving a sense of off kilter.
By the time I had finished my third drink I was slightly Batman'd.
by VynilRob March 01, 2011
when a guy is fucking a girl in the ass he yells robin to the bat cave! also when a guy is fuckin a girl in the ass he pulls out and says "look honey the dark knight!"
pimp#1 hey dude what you do to ur girl last night?
pimp#2 dude i batman'd thatt hoe!!
by seamonster pimp November 07, 2007