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A FloorPalm is sign of respect and/or admiration shown to a person, group or song, preferably within a social setting. The person drops to one knee before said party and slaps a surface (palms) before their feet five or six times, usually the floor (the number can vary depending on the person). The same applies to a favorite song, or songs, of the FloorPalmer. This is not exclusively for the floor itself but it carries more weight if it is done as the word implies.
When he saw his best friend entering inside the club he greeted him with a FloorPalm.
by VynilRob February 28, 2011
Batman'd is the term to describe the state of a person who is slightly tipsy. It is derived from the 1966 TV show "Batman", where the villains' hideouts and lairs were always shown on a tilted angle, giving a sense of off kilter.
By the time I had finished my third drink I was slightly Batman'd.
by VynilRob March 01, 2011
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