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A key character and a jedi in the game, Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). She possesses the rare power of Battle Meditation. Bastila used this power to launch an attack against the Sith lord, Darth Revan. During Bastila's attack on Darth Revan his apprentice, Darth Malak, launched his own attack on Revan's ship and in doing so claimed his place as Sith lord. Since then Malak has been trying to hunt down Bastila because of his fear of her Battle Meditation.

During the course of the game your character's history is interlaced with Bastila's own backstory. Further revelations of your character's past turned out to be one of the best plot twists in the Star Wars series yet. As such your character can influence Bastila to turn to the dark side or remain in the light.
Bastila Shan: The Jedi do not believe in killing their prisoners. No one deserves execution, no matter what their crimes.
by Selfie June 18, 2006
Bastila Shan was a Jedi knight in 4000 BBY. She was the youngest to ever master the art of Battle Meditation. She was a member of the Jedi strike team that captured Sith Lord Revan during his reign over the Sith. She fell to the dark side and became apprentice to the Dark Lord Malak. She betrayed Malak by joining Revan in his quest for revenge. She becameRevan's apprentice, and was handed the Sith throne temporarily while her master went to complete some mysterious task in the outer rim. She could not control the Sith or the Star Forge, and the Sith} Empire fell into civil war. Bastila went missing on Korriban after the fall of the Sith, and, just like her master, has still not returned.
Bastila will appear on the eve of Revan's return.
by LORD REVAN! April 19, 2005
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