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A common sight in Basildon, the Basildon Whore is commonly found milling around aimlessly in Basildon Town Centre from 1200-1800hrs whilst the shops are open. They usual hang around in an Adidas/Reebok/Nike tracksuit or sports skirt depending on the weather. In the evening they arrive at Basildon Night Scene - Festival Leisure Park (otherwise know as Bas Vegas. Here they seek out their sexual partner for the night. Wearing a muffin top, miniskirt and heels they quickly attract males who wish to mate with them. Following payment in the form of Breezers and an offer of a lift home. They quickly offer up their beavers (or cumpie, dependent on their individual level of hygiene - often very poor) for fucking in their mum and dads living room.
Shit I don't wanna fuck another Basildon Whore the last one gave me the majority of STD's present in the United Kingdom.
by navyblue December 03, 2006
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