A west indian party where reggae mucic is played excessivly. Rap music is also thrown in the DJ's mix, but once agian the music is heavily dominated by reggae. A party where your most likely to see the latest dances, and see some of the SEXIEST west indian women wearing almost nothing. Flatbush, Brooklyn is known to throw some of the craziest bashments in NYC.
"Yo, theres a bashment in Flatbust tonight son..."

"Word? Aight, im gonna be there..."
by Tim Shady May 15, 2005
Top Definition
reggae dancehall music/dance
Remember the Bashment FM 87.5?
see smashed it
by liberty September 18, 2003
A dance with some West Indian connection.
A one big bashment me a reach tonight seen.
by Bunna Bwoy July 23, 2003
this is jamaican word for saying: wonderful, great, cool, hip, happening, pretty, lovely & exciting
mi ah go ah one bashment dance to night,yo king dat ah one bashment ride,she is a bashment girl
by fada bashment April 30, 2007
A definition of something wicked. The word phat is used in a similar way.
That night was purely bashment
by CartoonG January 11, 2005
getting some sex or having sex
safee man i had sum hardcore bashment last night still.

yo that man gave me some bashy bashy yesterday
by laydee Frosty May 25, 2005
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