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One who possesses a great amount of swagger, which leads to the jealousy of those who do not posses it.
Skor: "I got a detention slip, bruh."
Tek: "Why?"
Skor: "For being too based out!"
by BLCkrew January 19, 2011
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When an individual is high on that freebase crack rock.
"nigga, les go down to 7/11, and git me some of dem moonpies"
"nah, I'm too based out. Ahh, I need a marijuana cigarette to take the edge of this crack high."
by PacoKlanReppin509Bitch March 10, 2015
Someone who is high , or acting like they are .
"hey dude , u wanna go to the park and pet the lions ? ''
"Umm.. are you based out ? ''
by kidd . fav June 19, 2010
To have sex with a fitty
That bitch is getting based out
by Steeleo October 09, 2008

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