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Noun: A total badass, originating from the middle east but showing the world who's boss. Drinks, smokes, and enjoys the company of many women. Probably was in some type of military service and definitely has killed someone before.
Steve: yo shut up tim, basams comin in, hide the women, the wine, and song!
Tim: shit! last time he came in he took all the ladies!
by Cadillac Bat December 11, 2009
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Similar to the action of a cum shot, a ba-sam is a combination of semin and urine. The action consists of the solution being projected out of the urethra, into the air, and onto the face of another.
John- "Dude I just ba-samed all over that guys face!"
Winston- "You are so gay man, you are so gay".
by friendofthebeanmachine January 02, 2010
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