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Barriente: A mexican name that suits mexicans. Most people cannot pronounce it. Not a common name, but a name for pretty mexicans, also for tall girls with super thick hair! They're not ditsy, but there sure do have quite a few blonde moments. Barriente's are a species all in their own, so if you see one, please not feed. We haven't yet discovered their diet. Barriente's also don't require too much attention, and they make great companions, but they're also pretty indecisive at times, and horrible spellers. they'll misspell "cake" if you give them the chance, or even "iron".
Teacher: Is Alicia Bare-N-Yetti here?
Alicia: Its pronounced Bar-E-Ent-A
Teacher: Isn't that what I said? Barriente.
by SheCan'tBePerfect February 20, 2011
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