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An alcoholic drink which contains a mix of one part UV Blue vodka, half part UV Cherry vodka, half grenadine and some Sprite. Mixes together to become purple. Like Barney the dinosaur's penis.
"Mix me another Barney dick!"
by Dave Losso January 25, 2009
The purple jerky-like substance that remains after boiling Robitussin. It can be ingested to obtain a small buzz followed by about an hour of vicious vomiting. Resembles Barney the Dinosaur's Dick.
Yo, you got any of that Barney Dick? I need that in my mouth!
by D.Havok April 15, 2009
When a man's dick is purple in color or looks purple under certain lighting conditions.
Matt: Hey bro, you wanna see something weird?

(whips out his dick)

Darell: That's fuckin' gross!

Andrew: Yah what the fuck nigga, why is that shit purple? Looks like you got Barney Dick.
by FDWeezy July 26, 2011
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