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Barfufu is a term reserved for the utmost adorable things.

If something is considered a "Barfufu" its cuteness level is incomprehensible to the average mind.

The origin of such a "kawaii" or cute word comes from the majestic Bear, whom knows everything when it comes to all things cute.
Alternatively, Barfufu can be considered a pet name between lovers or friends.
For Example:

When talking about objects:
"That pen is so Barfufu! I wish I could have one"

When talking about people:
"In the land of the faggots, you are a Barfufu among the rest, everyone else is so not kawaii."

Pet name use:
"Awww, honey! You're such a cutie Barfufu bear!"
by AAAnon August 12, 2012
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