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To masturbate.
Guy 1: So I was up into the bardledoo, and my woman walks in and starts telling me to save the baby gravy.
Guy 2: Who the fuck are you?
by Dinah Sores July 20, 2009
A group of brothers who are assholes to everyone and anyone not in the B. We do not forgive, we do not forget.
Pattie: Hey dude, if it wasn't for Bardledoo my life would be a wreck!

Chucky: I guess that's why my life is a wreck!
by Misjavis Rayne November 07, 2011
Equivalent of YEET
Rylee: Can you let me hold $5?
Tre: Bardle Doo!
Chase: Oh he got you!
by dawkinst June 21, 2016
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