Barb, short form for Barbarian.
A character in the game Diablo II

I will duel you with my Barb
by Me So Gosu May 15, 2003
One who is amazng, and a stoner.
Barb From that one show
by YouKnowItIsI May 07, 2009
Particularily aggravated or personal insults; usually used between friends and often said facetiously, mom jokes being a prime example.
Dude, he was throwing the barbs at you something fierce!
by Sumerian Wrangler May 28, 2004
A type of irritable woman, like a cat when you squeeze the tail.
Don't be a Barbs!
by mentetropicale October 08, 2009
It is an acronym meaning one who "beats around the bush"
Or one that wastes time.
the movie started at 7 and it is now 8. We need to quit BARBING.
by Sean Raboin April 08, 2007

1. a barbiturate drug

2. short for the name Barbara
a barb can produce a an alcohol like state of intoxication and is dangerously addictive.
by The Return of Light Joker March 16, 2008
1. No.
2. ø.
3. Signifying null set or non-existance.
Person 1: "Barb?"
Person 2: "No Barb."
by GrooveAssassin October 13, 2010

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