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A mixture of ketchup and bbq sauce, usually ate with chicken strips/fish sticks/all other meat products you can find in your school cafeteria.

Created by Allen Dillard.
Alren:"fuck ketchup I want me some bar-b-chop!"
Kelsi:"yeah bar-b-chop makes everything taste better"
by chanelkawaii May 29, 2008
A word that can mean anything (and that means ANYTHING) you would like
You can use it to be nice, so as not to insuult those close to you.
Friend: How do these jeans look on me? I love them.
You: (pleasantly) SO barbchop! (in this case barbchop means bad)

OR EVIL, if you would not like to get in trouble to insult those who pester you.
You: (to some tag along nitwit who thinks they're your friend) You are the most barbchopping person I have ever met! I don't think it would be possible for you to be more barbchop!
(in this case, barbchop means "ridiculously crap" or similar.)
by Bricheese March 23, 2009