Being to politically correct not fully comming to the point at hand! wimpy word useage
Barak said that people WERE BITTER about the countrys current state of being ( he was being barakish ). Instead he should said that people are friggen tired of getting screwed at the GAS PUMP, BY BANKS AND FOR FOOD.
He should have said that people are getting to the point that they want to pop a cap in the person's ASS for jackin prices just for GREED!
by RICHARD C VAN ETTEN SR April 20, 2008
Top Definition
An adjective to describe Obama's personal style. From the African word Barack, meaning first black president of the United States, and the English rakish: smart, jaunty, dashing.
Yo, Obama was wearing that suit with a Barakish swagger.
by s.lutz October 20, 2011
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