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Originating from a portmanteau of Taco & Burrito, a Baracko is a mythical Mexican delicacy that science has yet to engineer. It has the greatness of burrito filling with the crunchy hard shell of a taco.

Conceived well in advance of the President with a similar moniker, the Baracko is ideally combined with 22 oz. of any beer or malt liquor, commonly referred to as a "bomber." Creating a face meltingly delicious combination of a "Baracko and a bomber"

Science has yet to produce such a magical dish, but the future is now.
"I feel like something delicious. I wish science would just fucking make the Baracko already so I can die happy."

Terminally Ill Boy: "Dear Make a Wish Foundation, please create a Hard shelled burrito that I can devour before the cancer prevents me from breathing."

"Hard Burrito, dude"
by Rawk! August 01, 2009
Another word for Taco Bell's black taco, which was obviously created to honor the black president.
"Can I order a Mexican pizza and a Baracko, please?"

"A Baracko, you know, the black the president."
by McMulligan December 13, 2009
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