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1 a: The Obama version of "Backwards." b: Taking an action first without laying out a plan or doing groundwork. c: Pushing forward blindly without first examining details, blueprints, or instructions. d: Leaping without first looking.
BarackWards - An example is Nancy Pelosi's recent remark regarding health care:
"But we have to pass the (health care) bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Something which is BarackWards is taking an action first, and then looking at the details.
by georgetoon March 10, 2010
Term used describe what President Barack Obama has done to the United States of America with his 'tax and spend' policy which has cost millions of jobs to be lost and crushed the economy, his policy of numerous government regulations which has crushed small business and his policy to make sure everyone ends up on welfare instead of working for a living.
Notable economists have concluded that President Barack Obama has turned America Barackward during his time in office.
by presqueisle January 07, 2012
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