A tough decision; trying to make a choice between two options.
I am between barack and a hard place.
by Mister Jenkins February 11, 2008
obama, a man who you would be crazy not to elect. a man who is going to bring america out of this dark age know as the Bush administration.
for a better america vote barack obama
by cameron muthafin albin February 02, 2008
1. A man who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. 2. Managed to double the national debt in the first 90 days in office.
3. A socialist who spent 100 million more than anyone in history on his own inauguration, meanwhile bitching at CEO's for flying personal jets to meetings.
That man is Barack asswards, he doesn't know if he should shit or go blind.
by HFMIC July 26, 2009
When a white person does a task that typically would have been done by the help in the 1800s, such as fetch more ice or draw someone a bath.
A guy that looks like Buster from Arrested Development was baracking at the bar last night.
by Rob Roybison November 11, 2011

has no birth certificate, claims to be the messiah, or at least doesn't reject it.

Thinks he is alah.

cant remember what state he is in.

second black president, first was clinton

economics flunk out, did I mention socialist?

going to sink America, make it a 4th world country (worse than 3rd world)
what? birth certificate? its with baracks

barack ackbar

hello to the good citizens of michigan! (in Ohio)

and the peace prize winner to the first black president is..... CLINTON!!!

barack tax the rich until they can't afford to stay afloat, offer them a stimulus then tax them more, fuck the lower and middle class, hell throw the upper class in there also!

hitlers middle name was what for $200? barack hussein
by JeKeLZ February 04, 2010
Someone who will turn on friends when it is politically expedient.
"I care what people think, it was a better idea to barack my preacher than to stand by him when he was in trouble"
by DSkinner July 24, 2009
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