southern states, "bible belt" states; to be humiliated or publicly embarassed.
Did you see Joe dunk all over Nick. Nick got baptized.
by Zag May 16, 2004
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When a basketball player completely slam dunks the ball over another basket ball player. The player who got dunked on is considered to have been "baptized" by the dunker.
Dan: I don't think anyone in the NBA can dunk over Dwight Howard

Ben: Yea....except for Kobe Bryant

Dan: Oh yea....Kobe Baptized that mother fucker
by Dimitrios G April 01, 2009
slang football term for getting hit real hard

originated by ESPN personality Stuart Scott
OMG, Brian Moorman just got baptized by Sean Taylor
by SLAWSSEWEE February 11, 2007
When a man recieves oral sex.
Man that bitched baptized me last night
by Bigg Maine May 08, 2006
Diluted with water or some other worthless, inert substance. Primarily applies to liquor or other drugs.
I see that this Whisky has been baptized, and that well!
by Bob Prochko September 21, 2005

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