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To lick a blunt to make sure the paper wont become loose.
You should baptize that before you light it up.
by Phia February 27, 2005
To water or dilute, as in liquor.
Be sure to baptize that gin before you put the bottle on the shelf!
by Bob Prochko September 21, 2005
To kill someone, humiliate someone, or to engage in sexual intercourse.
I just baptized that bisha!

Did you baptize that Jew?
Yeah, he's dead.
by Hairy piper January 20, 2009
To smack or "bap" someone upside the head or forehead. Can be used in reference to shows (etc.) that consist of someone believed to be a healer doing the work of God. These said "healers" will violently thrust their hand upon (bap) the person needing healed's head, forehead, or face. This is intended to cure said victim.
Seth: "Did you just see that dude baptize Eric?"

Sara: "He can walk again! Can that guy cure his new concussion?"
by Master Ali June 06, 2007

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