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a name for a loud crazy asian. Who makes up shit, speard rumors, and treats people like shit, so she/he can get there way
you know that asian girl? yeah, she is such a baovy!
by micodin August 02, 2008
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An Asian who looks like an Anime. Party animal, but knows their standards. Is a caring and loving person, but can be stuck up and rude when needed. Best girlfriend you can ever have. Gives the best advice to people who needs it, but can't take it themselves. Falls in love easily , hard to leave. Can make your day in a second with their humor and stupidity. Is a dancer but to afraid to show it. Picky about everything. Nice person when you get to know them, but don't get on their bad side.
"have you met baovy? She's a unique!"
by peoon November 10, 2013

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