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You take a 4 letter word or 3 letter word e.g. tit, twat, knob and take pictures of those letters individually. Then you take a picture of an arrow pointing to the LEFT. then upload the photos of these letters to facebook backwards and tag your friend in each photo, then tag the arrow. This will then show up on their facebook photo banner at the top of their profile with the arrow pointing to the profile picture and naming them whatever you have called them.
Upload 'T' and tag your friend in it then upload 'A' and tag then 'W' and tag and then 'T' and tag then upload picture of an arrow pointing to the right, then it will come up on their profile syaing twat and pointing at their profile picture. Making them look like an idiot and that is how you Bannerfrape someone.
by JGrover1994 June 30, 2011

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