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Whiny gay waste of space who constantly pines over how hes too good for other fags when the irony of the situation is he couldnt pull a human being be they in possession of a schlong or not. See also denial
Hay man banjodark just posted another EN thread
by Ricequeen July 08, 2003
Lord of Emo, protector and keeper of the mighty TRASHBEAR (see Trashbear). Cultural Expert in the ways of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Undeclared husband in polygmic marriage of Alysson Hannigan and Seth Green.
Banjodark played his music really loudly while contemplating his next political move.
by SL July 19, 2003
A whiny gay-to-be-hip emo teenager who should realise hes going to end up alone whether he loves cock or pussy.
'Lol, hay guys, look, banjodark jsut posted another E/N thread about suicide'
by Reality July 07, 2003
all powerful male deity capable of destroying entire cities and polluting society with linkin-park style angst. Enjoys Alyson Hannigan and homosexual pornographic material.
Banjodark is also the keeper of Trashbear
The Banjodark crushed all with his iron fist before playing jenga with Trashbear
by :tbear: March 16, 2003
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