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Just about anything you do. Universal word for doing shit, saying shit, shit happening, something you will do in the near future
"Gimme your phone, lemme bang it up right quick; I gotta call some bitches"

"Yeah, I banged that test real nice. I got an A"

"Tryna bang some Wendy's?"
"Yeah, dawg, I'm starving"

"You call that girl back yet?"
"Naw, lemme bang her up right quick"

"Yo, listen to this new KRS-one shit; this shit's bangin' dawg"
by Mr. Kraft Singles February 27, 2008
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A command used by SWAT teams or any other paramilitary organization that utilizes a flash bang/flash-bang grenade to disable hostiles in a room that is being cleared.
Red Team, stack up on that door and bang it. Go when ready.
by Hilamonsta February 21, 2006
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1. to want to fuck the shit out of some hott ass chick 2. also sarcastic when speaking of a ugly bitch as seen in the sentence below
Dude Cindy Pittman, bang it.
by lacucaracha311 February 03, 2003
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to dip, or to leave.
Pulled up to the flex but it was lame af so i had to bang it.
by xoxlaur January 23, 2017
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