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1. Said when 2 or more people are observing a hot person and debating whether or not they would "bang", or have sex, with him/her.

2. Also used when saying "do this..." or "put that in..."
1. Dude, I'd totally bang that chick over there.

2. Now, bang that pan in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes.
by CreeperStash March 12, 2008
When a fit, bare bumting-a-ling, sexually arousing girl walks past, "bang that" is used to signify just how much you would like to see her in your bed/how fit she is.
*Fit girl walks past*
"bang that"
or if feeling extra horny
"bang that fo' sure"

Often used by Craig, Dani and Jess
by BangThatShizzle March 10, 2009
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