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1.When a girl is so incredibly hot that you ejaculate when she smiles.
2. A girl with the total package. Face,tits,ass,stomach,legs,
Holy shit man did you see that girl!? She bang bang boom.

From her hair to her lips to her nails to her shoes..common.. she bang bang boom
by Drag-On October 12, 2004
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A term used when X amounts of attractive women and X amounts of incredibly unattractive women walk into a bar/party

One Classifies them as:
Bang- I would tap that ass fo sho
Boom- I would shoot her before I would ever hit that
K.C- "Dude check out those hoes"
J.B- "Bang Bang Boom"
K.C- "More like Boom, Boom, Bang-"
J.B- "Dude... Sick"
by Jhacob June 16, 2009

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