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Not to be confused with Wi-Fi Gypsies

A person who travels around in a caravan or more likely white transit van looking for free or unprotected Wi-Fi points, wherever people stupid enough not to have a firewall may go. Unlike Wi-Fi Gypsies, if you cross their palm with bandwidth, they will steal your bandwidth, your collection of porn and CD keys and most probably your paypal account details.

Another key difference between Bandwidth Pikeys and Wi-Fi Gypsies is that Wi-Fi gypsies can trace their origins to travelling laptop users frequenting Romanian porn sites. In contrast, Bandwidth Pikeys have no history and if traced are often found to have a criminal reccord.

Bandwidth Pikeys use cracked versions of both Windows Vista and Windows ME, it is thought that the shitness of these operating systems may be linked to the Bandwidth Pikeys bad temperament. Hardcore Bandwidth Pikeys may be seen running other operating systems, this is usually an indication that they have not only stolen Wi-Fi, but also a laptop to access it with.
A Bandwidth Pikey was recently spotted in the Wetherspoons closest the train station in Milton Keynes, where he ordered a pint of Fosters, unfortunately spoons were out of fosters and he was forced to make do with a pint of Carling which really isn’t the same thing.
To vent his frustration, said Bandwidth Pikey downloaded cracks for Photoshop v3, Dreamweaver, Hackingtosh and most horrifically... hello kitty island adventure. He also forcefully gained access to 12 Gmail accounts (which are now on his spam distribution list) and 3 eBay accounts. “Merry Christmas you’ve just bought me a macbook pro running OSX snow leopard”
by Djlc January 03, 2010
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