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A type of cell phone that comes from the banana phone song.
My cellular bananular phone just died!
by Joie May 09, 2004
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~Of or relating to a banana
~It's used in Raffi's song "Banana Phone"
"Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana phone
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping
Ponana phone

It's no baloney,
It ain't a phony,
My cellular,
by Mike Rotch ~ October 05, 2004
1.) A nice, compact, travel-size type of banana phone.

2.) A nice compliment for someone.
1.) "I've got my bananular phone with me today. It's yellowish color matches my purse."

2.) "Wow, Sue! That dress makes you look so bananular!"
by CDV March 01, 2005
adj: wicked awesome. good in a goofy sort of way
Think the getting laid in the car right after the first time you saw Austin Powers and you said " Yeah, baby!". Thats bananular.
by joeschmoe March 08, 2006

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