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A group of individuals dressed in Banana Costumes and attire who spread joy and happiness through their Banana-antics. It is an event which coincides with Santarchy. The difference is Bananas are Real!
The people participating in Santarchy were less than happy when Bananarchy stole their spotlight.
by Bert Banana December 18, 2009
What happens when Children's singer Raffi starts a hardcore punk band (as imagined by NN2S's Mitch Clem).
"Ring, ring, ring"
by Dann (with 2 ns) January 17, 2008
Simply put it is a bunch or mutant anarchist bananas that resemble people, dressed like Rambo rioting
This country erupted in to bananarchy when the peanut butter jelly time guy and his guerrillas took over, and set it all to cover itself.

Anarchy with bananas, can it get any easier to imagine.
by spidermonkeypleasure April 27, 2009
A new form of government, currently rising to power with it's famous Yahoo Group,

In 2007, Tupac shall rise from the dead (Mexico) with his star appearance in X-Men 3. After that, Bananarchy will reign chaos throughout the land. Pangea will be re-formed, Mr. T will be president, the oceans will turn to Jell-O, among many, many other things.

Bananarchy REIGNS!"
by M0USEhunter September 21, 2003
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