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Any tree on the property of an asian person or near where asian people reside the has banana peels thrown in it. It is considered a normal "banana tree" not "banana-tree", if the tree actually grows bananas or is not near asians. The peels are usually put there by non-asians, but it would not be surprising if asians started making their own banana-trees for decoration.
John: Hey Joe, want to go make some banana-trees?
Joe: Yeah! That sounds like a dandy time, ill go pick up a bunch.
by Where's Tardo? February 02, 2011
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A tree that grows bananas,(duh)...also where you could find a horde of monkeys. Which we also call the african americans monkeys,and where could we find a bunch? Compton...or "The Ghetto". So basically Banana Tree is a play on words for the most common place to find a large community of black people. Use it wisely.
White cracka ass bitch: Yo waddup cuh i be bangin wit dem crips know what m sayin?!

Normal person: Dude you've been hanging around in the banana tree too long.
by The stupidest kid. July 10, 2006
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