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a random response to a perplexing inquiry, intending to confuse to the point of changing the subject. Given if the answer is not known or undesired.
A: did you know shelly was preggers?
B: Banana Pants
A: What??
B: OMG have you tried the pizookie?!
by unsped May 26, 2006
Something that is crazy, in a good, or bad, way.
It might take you longer because the traffic in Atlanta is a little bananapants.

That party was so bananapants!
by Banana84 January 05, 2009
A male who is graced with the unusual gift of a curved erection. Dreamed of by many, accomplished by few.
Some chuckle when others tell them that Clint has a curve-cock. Me?...I just say hes got a case of the banana pants.
by Stevie Y January 08, 2005
A tender epithet used to express one's adoration for someone they are involved with romantically (typically male).
Boy: "Hello, dear!"
Girl: "Oh, hello, Banana Pants! I've missed you!"

by catz4lyfe August 01, 2010
Two items appearing in close succession with absolutely no relation inside or out of context
After Alice told me what the math test was about, she then began to talk about hairless baboons. I figured that this was a rather bananapants thing to say...
by Pipian November 21, 2003
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