crazy, stupid, great, awsome.
Dang last night was bananas!
by Tyree Johnson May 03, 2008
How you spell 'Bananas'
This sh** is bananas B-a-n-a-n-a-s
by Aki Bramblerose September 23, 2007
a cheap alternative to a dildo.
"oh i wish i had a dildo oh well that banana looks fairly ripe."
by Nick Weston April 29, 2007
Also "BANANA."
"Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything"
Refers to the political position of tree-hugging zealots who object to all physical change to the landscape or eco-structure.
"Exxon/Mobil wanted to explore for oil deposits off Venice Beach but the B.A.N.A.N.A. activists doomed the project."
by Lurch_3RRU April 02, 2006
A yellow fruit.

Also a type of pudding... A delicious pudding.
Used in a sentence: Anna Banana would like to hear "Venus" by Bananarama. Banana!
by Shawn Spencer October 29, 2006
Basically, "bananas" is another term for crazy, nuts, or wild, amongst other things.
Ayo, you see that USC and Texas game? That shit was bananas!
by Mac-A-Frama-Lama February 03, 2006
Term to describe an Asian person who is not in touch with their Asian heritage.

Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
"That Shirley Wong is such a banana. She doesn't even know how to cook rice."
by jgarlictoast November 30, 2007

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