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a really yummy food
jim: this banana tastes yummy!
by u2dvdbono September 08, 2010
If your name is Doug, then you look like a banana.
SJ: Wow you know doug? He looks like such a banana!
NP: OMG! i know! just look at him, compared to that banana over there!
by BananaGirlZ May 23, 2010
Very dangerous monsters that will always win in rock, paper scissors because of their skill to eat the opponent and then eat themselves.
If someone were to play rock, paper scissors then whoever chooses banana automatically wins the game.
by Roflollaclafsr May 07, 2010
Another way of saying BS or bullshit .

2. It can also mean crazy.
Also used in gwen stefanis song, saying this shit, is bullshit or bananas.

-She's gone bananas!
by thischikachika12 November 14, 2009
A style of packing a bowl, bong, or other assorted water pipe, with marijuana and hash. First a layer of marijuana is laid down to block the hole. Then a layer of hash is put down, spread out over the marijuana. Finally the bowl is covered with a second layer of marijuana.
"Dude it's a banana.."
"Do you mean a sandwich?"
"Ha yeah dude, I've been smoking banana's all day"
by Bill "Bananas" Drestler April 29, 2009
either or both of the williams sisters. because of their likeness to gorillas, and gorillas likeness to bananas, the word bananas is formed
wow look at bananas' forehand
by holmesinho January 22, 2007
A guy in a big horrendous yellow sweatshirt who constantly flirts with all the girls at school, doesn't understand the meaning of "blunt rejection, and also thinks he is cool by popping his collar. The guy may often pretend to swing an imaginary golf club. He assumes the guise as a teacher's pet and doesn't understand that his jokes are not only funny but horrific. Ontop of this he also doesn't charm girls like he thinks it does. AND he is not hot period. A banana must be rotund in physique while pretending to be popular and attractive.
Banana is stalking me again. >_<
by A & i May 25, 2006