Food that you don't make eye contact while eating
Lance liked to stare into peoples' eyes while eating bananas to make them uncomfortable
by Laxus November 30, 2014
Banana is the code name for a Loosie, which is a loose cigarette sold to individual illegally from stores in urban areas.
"Do they sell loosies in this jawn?

"Yeah, but you gotta ask for a Banana or they won't sell it to you!"
by DahWiz November 26, 2014
someone who is a moron and or doing stupid shit
She's such a banana
by onewithnature October 18, 2012
When describing a time or distance, or both at the same time a single unit of measure should be used. The unit of banana can be used to describe a time, a distance or even a rating scale for hotness of people.
That walk is so long it must take 339 bananas to get there. I cannot believe it took me 87 bananas long to finish that pizza.

Me: I'd rate him about 455 bananas.
Friend: Damn girl he must be hot!!!
by jlcupcake May 02, 2011
A boy in a small town that is made fun of constantly, for having a small crooked dick. Also colored with a yellow tint.
Jeff: Your a banana.
Ryan: You pecker head!!!
by santana y sancho March 11, 2011
A long and slender, yellow ripe fruit that is delicious and no one will ever forget how to spell it thanks to Gwen Stefani.
This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Love Gwen :)
by PeSeEpE May 22, 2009
A person considered to be a bit of a dafty

Term of endearment, usually used by mums except in Scotland, where this is replaced by 'daft cunt' or 'fuckwit')
A:"Why you wearing a cone on your head?"
B: "Shit, how did that get there?"
C: "Ooh, you banana!"

by Lottykitten February 27, 2009
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